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Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 11:09 AM


These are messages I got for the feedback and key quotes from some of the volunteers at the meal packing event in Harrisburg. Our community is ready to commit. We already have had a interest in MLK day to get some work done in Harrisburg. I emailed some pictures, hope you received them. Thank you!





“Rise Above Hunger, Islamic Relief, Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg, and members of the community helped pack 25,000 meals in just 2 hrs for the world’s most hungry people. I’m so proud of my son for waking up early and helping, despite his severe allergies and a headache. He understood that his discomfort was nothing compared to what other children suffer. Pride in seeing our youth participate. Giving us something worthwhile and positive to do to help those in need.

With events like this, hopefully we can help alleviate one of the worst feelings in the world – hunger. In sha Allah. Great job everyone! Thanks Nad Dura for bringing this to Harrisburg. pride in seeking our youth participate. Giving us something worthwhile and positive to do to help those in need”.

-Rabiya Khan-Advisory Board Member of CAIR, Founder, Solidarity Society of South Central PA


“It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of an amazing and energetic team with hearts filled with love and compassion for the humanity. To witness the impact of our small actions upon the most vulnerable filled my heart with gratitude and a desire to do more. I was truly impressed with our young teenager’s dedication, efforts and a desire to bring a change and eradicate world hunger issue. I would like to thank Islamic Relief for providing our community with an opportunity to be part of such a noble cause and I hope they keep bringing more opportunities to our area in the near future.”

-Samia Malik


“I found the event fun and organized would be interested in the near future in sha allah”- Wyreese (college student)


“Very uplifting and simultaneously humbling experience. Although we only made a small dent in the “war on hunger,” we at least had the opportunity to provide sustenance to those who are less fortunate. I feel we should have more of these events and more often inshallah. We greatly appreciate the community’s efforts (both Muslims and non-muslim, alike), ISGH, PCRF, and IRUSA”

-Moneer Sharafi, Nurse Practitioner Neurogly Hershey Medicine.



“Meal packing was such a great experience. As a college student, I’m glad I get to spend my time with organizations like Islamic relief in our community. Looking forward to future events in the Harrisburg area.”

-Reann shawakha,

Sophomore nursing student, PA College Health and Science

PCRF treasurer

“Gratifying and uplifting to see the community come together to help rise against hunger. The youth involvement was motivating to see and would love to see more events for our youth to stay involved, our youth is our future”

-Nadera Rammouni, Early Education Educator, President of PCRF HARRISBURG CHAPTER


“The IRUSA event proved to me that the Harrisburg community is hungry for change, charity and unity for great causes. I met so many new community members from all age groups and backgrounds. I was especially proud of seeing a local high school UNICEF group of at least 10 teenagers at the event. Everyone had a great time and worked hard packing meals; they were even sad that we had to stop at 25,000! I have volunteered at other IRUSA events in neighboring cities and I loved them, but volunteering at one in my hometown definitely felt like a personal win. I hope to see more events happen in the area and I know for sure that the Harrisburg community will not disappoint in attendance and effort! Thank you to IRUSA for giving us the chance to feel like we are “working together for a better world.” – Mi Rammouni


IRUSA, I just wanted to share my  appreciation for allowing the Harrisburg community to be a part of the meal packing experience. It was an honor to work with the organization and all the volunteers who contributed to the program’s success. Alhamdillah with great pride and close teamwork we reached our ultimate goal. Inshallah this is the first of many events the Harrisburg community can be part of. Thank you so very much!”

-Naveen Hamad



“It was inspiring that we were able to make so many meals that would be delivered to so many people. It truly shows how much one can accomplish by working with others” -Hana



“The CV UNICEF group and I loved this event. Everyone felt very good knowing that they made an impact on so many lives by helping package food. Everything ran smoothly and was very well organized. The nasheeds that were played were also very nice and helped us to keep working hard. Thank you, it was a wonderful and successful event”-Zaara Shah, Secretary of CV UNICEF Club



“Everything went so quickly, it didn’t feel like working at all. Everybody was so kind and friendly and the volunteer coordinators did a good job keeping our spirits up. All in all, it was a Saturday well-spent and I look forward to volunteering with IRUSA again in the future” -Fatima


“This past Saturday 11/9, I had the pleasure to participate,and support meal packs in Harrisburg at ISGH with Islamic Relief. From getting volunteers to sign up, to actually show up to executing the project, every step was done with passion and professionalism. It was nicely advertised so people (including youth) I shared with were interested in participating as well. The energy and enthusiasm was great in the room and added to the success of the event. It was very nicely organized and showed teamwork!


Aaysha Noor

Social justice advocate

Co-chair Response Team CRN