The United Nations has called the humanitarian situation in Yemen the “world’s worst humanitarian crisis”:

  • Over 20 million are in the midst of famine (AAH, 2018)
  • 17.8 million people are food insecure (AAH, 2018)
  • More than 2 million children in Yemen are acutely malnourished and require urgent care (AAH, 2018)
  • 1.4 million people remain in hard-to-reach areas, unable to access vital assistance and support, an increase of 200,000 since February 2018. (AAH, 2018)

Islamic Relief USA is delivering food assistance, critical nutrition support to children, medical aid for cholera, and winter supplies. Islamic Relief Yemen was founded in Yemen in 1998 and has been implementing projects in Yemen for last 10 years. Islamic Relief is the leading relief agency in Yemen; other agencies, such as Catholic Relief Services, depend on IR to deliver their aid

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Ahmed’s Story

Ahmed Ali is nearing the age of 40. His day is consumed with caring and fending for is family of 5. Ahmed fell upon hard times this past year by not having an income. He wasn’t deterred. He began day labor to fill in the gaps. The money was a help but didn’t truly fulfill necessities of the family.

Ahmed explained: “These days living conditions are very bad and difficult. It is hard to meet the basic needs of my family as I earn YER 1500 per day. With the rising prices of food, clothing and basic necessities, it became more difficult to provide good life for my children. Most of the time I don’t have enough money, so I borrow from neighbours and it is difficult for me to pay back my debts. To survive these days, I rely on humanitarian assistance.”

It is precisely family’s like Ahmed’s who were severely food insecure in Aden Governorate that
Islamic Relief has been distributing food assistance to throughout the conflict. In a situation where are countless gaps to be filled Islamic Relief is partnering to bridge one of the most important ones, hunger.

“I am grateful that Islamic Relief supported us with the food ration,” expressed Ahmed. “Without this support, I would not have been able to feed my children.”