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Ezzeddine Gains New Life from Greenhouses

Ezzeddine didn’t believe that Islamic Relief would really help rebuild his greenhouse after it was destroyed in a cyclone in 2014. The cyclone dealt a terrible blow to an area where farmers were barely scraping by, even in a good year.

He had heard promises before from others, and never himself saw anything materialize. Then he saw Islamic Relief’s work begin, and he decided to take a chance and be a part.

Ezzeddine was one of 77 farmers who regained their livelihood through the first phase of this project, which restored 12 greenhouses and provided seeds, livestock and vocational training. A second phase that wrapped up this year has now repaired 66 more greenhouses, restoring the ability to feed and support to 66 families.

This project has reduced poverty for these families in a tangible way, helping them recover from disaster more quickly than they imagined.

“With Islamic Relief, I converted my defeat into victory,” Ezzeddine said.