Fast facts on the humanitarian situation in Lebanon:

  • More than 250,000 refugee children remain out of school (UNOCHA, 2018)
  • Poverty and food insecurity levels are high with 27 to 30 percent of people in Lebanon living beneath the national poverty line. (UNOCHA, 2018)
  • The population living in Lebanon has grown by 28 per cent in less than five years (UNOCHA, 2018)

Recent winter storms have flooded several refugee encampments causing structural damage to already fragile tents they were dwelling in. Islamic Relief USA is working with partners to increase access to winter supplies, kidney dialysis, and education support for children.

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Jaziah’s Family Needs to Escape the Cold

Meet Jaziah Abdelrahman, a 35-year-old woman who lives with her husband and family in a home exposed to cold and rain. As of today there are no doors or windows on her home, which allows all sorts of freezing cold to bombard them.
Jaziah’s originally from Reif Halab, where she and others worked as farmers ion land they owned. They sell their vegetables to shops and earned a living from the money made.

Then came the conflict, and her family was forced to flee into Lebanon hoping for safety. Although they escaped they now live in makeshift housing that is dangerous to stay in.

When asked about how hard it is to stay in their home Jaziah immediately points to the nonexistent doors and windows where she said that during winter it feels like being outside. “The owner of the building forbidden us from placing door or windows, it’s his right,” she added. “All we can do is putting some sheets that we lack but it’s better than nothing, we lack food, clothes and above all a warm place.” She said.

Jaziah’s 5 children range from 11 to 13 years. She lost one of her boys from a stroke, as all the children are working in a butcher shop from the morning till the evening, “they are not well paid, but they help the family with the expenses,” she said. Moreover, they owe a lot of money to the grocery store and sometimes they all eat from one can because of the food shortage.

Jaziah hoping for a warm place to save her family from sickness and cold weather. She hopes for her food, clothes, blankets, and above all she hopes to go back to their home where they belong.