The humanitarian situation in Jordan is concerning:

  • The majority of Syrian refugees in Jordan live in urban areas and in poverty
  • 80% of Syrian refugees live below the poverty line
  • 51% of refugees are children, and 4% are elderly.
  • 740,160 refugees in Jordan

Islamic Relief USA is implementing programs such as, mobile health clinics, and winter support for families suffering through one the region’s worst winters. From life-saving support for refugees to a state-of-the-art mobile clinic, Islamic Relief USA has continued to bring quality service to the people of Jordan while adapting to the country’s changing needs.

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Alia Makes it to Safety

Alia, a mother of six children was one of the Syrian refugees who fled their country four years ago due to the kidnappings and killings that were the most common security breaches in Homs.

“We were farmers and livestock breeders, working in our own land. We used to live in a warm house. Alhamdulillah, we were happy and grateful for God for his greetings. However, our life has been changed completely, after the crisis started. It become a nightmare. At the beginning, we have tried to manage ourselves but after that the situation was getting worse, we couldn’t afford bread to eat. When the basic services like water, electricity and even the medical services have been stopped, I decided to leave.”

Alia lives in a small house where she pays the cash assistance she received to the house owner and depends on her son’s job to cover the basic needs “ My eldest son, Malk- 17 years old ,has no stable Job and no work permission. He got a very small amount of money but it helps as we are a big family. We used to have three meals like any other family but here we spend days without bread so what do you think??! Is it the life that we are looking for??”

“I fled to Al Mafraq, North Jordan with my kid, my father- in -law and sister- in -law. My husband refused to come with us. I know the life will not going to be easy but finding yourself have nothing, no home, no husband, no food is much more difficult than what I have expected”. She added.

Islamic Relief provided Alia with essential winterization items including blanket, heater, gas-cylinder, clothes voucher and hygiene voucher as part of its winterization campaign that targeted 2534 families for this year which will that can bring them comfort during the most harsh days and nights.

“I would like to thank Islamic Relief for this kind assistance, I’m so happy that we have a new heater since we have an old one and it’s not working very well. This morning we found the gas-cylinder we have is empty and I was talking to my son about how to get a money to refill it and you brought me a new filled one I think you heard me. Today we went to the clothes shop and bought new clothes. My children was so happy to have a new clothes. You make them smile again.!! May God bless you and reward you.”