Sectors served throughout the Middle East: 2017 - 2019






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Country Summaries

Currently, 50 million need aid, and many nations within the Middle East are undergoing great changes and challenges on a road to recovery. IRUSA is partnering to empower countless families across Iraq, Jordan, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Palestine.

Orphans in the Middle East

IRUSA helps to support over 7,000 orphans across the Middle East which means more opportunity, more healthcare access, and more education in places where a few resources can mean the difference between poverty and promise.

Many are refugees, some are sons, daughters, nephews, and nieces. All of them are dreamers. With donors like you we can support their hopes and aspirations for a better tomorrow. In Iraq, Yemen, Jordan and Palestine, the shining faces of hundreds of orphans await your help. Your aid, their relief.