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Assisting Venezuelan Refugees

Due to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, Latin American and the Caribbean are currently hosting 2.4 million of Venezuela’s refugees and migrants. with the highest number of refugees and migrants going to Columbia and Peru, respectively. IRUSA is carrying out projects to provide assistance to vulnerable Venezuelans.

In Peru, IRUSA is implementing a project that is expected to benefit nearly 8,000 refugees in 2019. This project will improve the quality of the shelters hosting these refugees by providing them with beds, cleaning materials, and furniture. It will also improve community kitchens by providing the kitchens with furniture, equipment, utensils, and cleaning materials.

In addition, a portion of the meals packaged during the 2018 500K Meal Pack Out is going to Venezuelan refugees entering Cúcuta, Columbia. IRUSA is carrying out this project in partnership with the Rotary e-Club of Houston and the Cúcuta Rotary Club. The meals are currently being distributed through food banks and are expected to reach approximately 5,000 people a day.