Years of inter-ethnic violence have severely impeded the welfare of Kosovo’s people. Nearly 1 million people fled Kosovo when war broke out in 1996. When these refugees returned, they found their homes, schools, and livelihoods destroyed. Since then, significant progress has been made to repair the devastating damage caused by war, but the people of Kosovo continue to suffer from severe lingering poverty.

Humanitarian obstacles in Kosovo:

  • An unemployment rate of around 52% for people ages 15-24. (World Factbook, 2016)
  • Citizens in Kosovo are the second poorest in Europe. (World Factbook, 2016)

In recent years, Islamic Relief USA has provided winter aid and livelihood support to communities in need throughout Kosovo. Winter projects have been solely focused on providing much-needed aid to orphans and their families in the form of food, blankets, firewood, and wood stoves. IRUSA’s livelihood projects center on facilitating farming opportunities to ensure sustainable futures for many.

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