Needs across communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina:

  • Nearly 75% of children from the ages of five to 15 are deprived in at least one essential area, including areas related to food security, education, and proper housing. (UNICEF National Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis, 2015)
  • Females are far less likely than males to be in the labor market, with 15% of women from poorer households working in the labor market compared to 42% of men. (World Bank report, 2015)

Bosnia-Herzegovina was the first country Islamic Relief USA responded to, providing vital emergency assistance in the form of food, water, and clothing to survivors of the war. In the war’s aftermath, Islamic Relief also rebuilt homes, schools, and places of worship destroyed during the war. In recent years, IRUSA has offered support to flood survivors, orphans, and the elderly.

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