Sectors served throughout Asia: 2017 - 2019

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Those living in vulnerable conditions in Asia have demonstrated exceptional resilience, but human beings can only cope with so much. In the face of natural disasters and political conflicts, millions in Asia are in dire need of humanitarian aid.

One-third of the population in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and India live below the poverty line. Myanmar, Indonesia, and India have active emergency zones.

Islamic Relief USA has been on the front lines of Asia since its founding in 1993. We started off with emergency relief, and we have since extended our focus in the region to girls’ education, development initiatives, women’s literacy, orphan sponsorship, Islamic microfinance, poverty alleviation, and water, sanitation, and hygiene.

IRUSA is implementing programs in Asia that will provide long-term sustainability. In countries like the Philippines and Pakistan, for example, projects are put in place that work towards alleviating poverty.

By placing focus on education, vocational training, infrastructure development, and Islamic microfinance, those we support are equipped with improved long-term livelihoods.

Your support of Asia means the world to displaced families from Myanmar who are walking barefoot across borders and rivers in search of refuge. With your assistance, we are able to support orphans in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Your donations also provide home-based education to women and girls in Afghanistan who were previously unable to go to school. With you in our corner, we can can continue spreading necessary, positive, and developmental change throughout Asia.