After an official camp in Bihac, Bosnia, became full, families fleeing to Europe for safety poured into a make-shift camp with no running water, putrid portable toilets—the area is surrounded by a forest littered with landmines. The temperatures are subzero; some tents have even collapsed under the weight of the heavy snow.

Groups called for the camp to be shut down: The location “is absolutely inappropriate and inadequate for accommodating human beings”, said the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Felipe Gonzalez Morales.

On Dec. 10, officials began to move the families from this camp to another, but the conditions remain dire.

We need to help: Islamic Relief is working to get urgent winter aid to the families who are in need: clothes, blankets, mattresses. Please donate to our Winter Aid program so that we can deliver these items without delay! Time is of the essence.


Winter can make or break survival for any of us. And for our vulnerable sisters and brothers—those already suffering from poverty, displaced from their homes, with no food or water—the freezing temperatures add another battle they have to fight to survive. Our team at IRUSA will be working from now and all winter long to aid communities braving the cold. But we need your help.

Sharing your warmth helps our sisters and brothers get through the winter. Your donation provides vital items like food, medical aid, water, blankets, mattresses, plastic sheeting, plastic mats, shoes, jackets, hats, sweatshirts, gloves, waterproof coats, socks, and more.

2019-2020 WINTER AID

This winter season, your donations can help families in these areas:

Afghanistan | Albania | Bangladesh | Bosnia | Chechnya | Iraq | Jordan | Kosovo | Lebanon | Macedonia | Myanmar | Nepal | 

Pakistan | Syrian RefugeesYemen


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