According to the United Nations Development Programme, 2.6 billion people depend directly on agriculture for their livelihoods. When climatic occurrences like drought and flooding hinder the growth of crops, people are unable to sustain their income and feed their families.

Often times, this also catalyzes a displacement effect. When people can no longer rely on the land they live on, they are forced to leave. This transition is oftentimes a devastating one and leaves many living in displacement camps.

Poverty is a cycle, but it doesn’t have to be unbreakable. Growth is a cycle too, and by creating sustainable livelihoods in impoverished communities, people can prosper for many years to come.

Through sustainable livelihood projects, Islamic Relief USA donors help people acquire the skills they need to develop a reliable means of earning income. Together, we’re helping families get the basics they need to survive. We’re also helping entire communities prosper by boosting economies and creating jobs.