Families across the World face Starvation

Hunger is still the world’s top health risk—it kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. There are populations of hungry people in every region, from sub-Saharan Africa, where one in four is malnourished, to the United States, where one in six Americans are food insecure.

While it is true that the total number of undernourished people worldwide has fallen 4% in the last 15 years or so, the rate of progress is slow. The most recent statistics available in 2018 show that 815 million of the world’s 7.6 billion people are chronically malnourished. The world still needs our help. Together we can work together for a world free of hunger.

Stopping Hunger is #1

Food aid is the largest sector of Islamic Relief USA’s humanitarian aid. Our food aid programs range from worldwide meat distribution during the Ramadan and Qurbani seasons, to mobilized deliveries in the wake of disasters, to food pantries that provide easy access to quality food. Across the globe, we’re working hard to make sure that our neighbors have enough to eat. But all of this is only possible because of your support.

World Food Day, Oct. 16

Islamic Relief USA - World Food Day meme

Every year, on Oct. 16—World Food Day—IRUSA joins concerned citizens worldwide to focus attention on the ongoing global food crisis. In 2015, IRUSA signed an open letter to put agriculture at the top of the global agendaAnd even today, IRUSA continues its mission to fight hunger across the world.

Here are four ways you can join global World Food Day efforts:

1) Help heal Yemen
Help feed over 22 million Yemenis trapped in what is being called the world’s worst humanitarian crisisOver 75% of the country’s population is dependent on humanitarian aid—and they need you to be the one to provide it now.

2) Support IRUSA’s Meal Pack
Our volunteer-driven Meal Pack campaign is back, and stronger than ever!  Sign up to volunteer or support as communities gather all around the country to package nutritional food and distribute it domestically and internationally.

3) Social media blitz
Use the hashtags #WFD2019 on all your social media platforms and tag @IslamicRelief to be a part of the conversation. Refer interested parties to irusa.org/food-aid

3) Get involved locally
You may not know this, but there are plenty of people suffering from hunger in your own community. Donating leftovers, volunteering at your local food bank, and “advocating for food-insecure Americans” can help. To find a food bank near you, click here.

4) Consider your food waste
It’s estimated one third of the food produced worldwide is lost or wasted, and the U.S. alone wastes about 40 percent of our own food. The EPA recommends planning, storing, and being thrifty can significantly reduce your contribution to food waste. Read more about how to reduce your food waste here.

5) Check out our World Food Day blog—a spotlight on Minnesota
Head over to IRUSA’s blog, Relief Lab, to celebrate World Food day by reading a powerful case study about a food program we fund in Minnesota.