Helping our Children in Need

Improving children’s daily lives by safe-guarding them against illness; providing them with educational opportunities; and by giving them access to proper nutrition, water and sanitation services, can also provide a cushion that would help alleviate suffering in emergency situations. Perhaps most important, those basic resources can provide a world of hope to children for a brighter future.

Islamic Relief USA has been works to improve the lives of children around the world. Areas of focus include emergency relief, orphan support, health and nutrition, water and sanitation.

Youth Facing a Winter Emergency

And now, a crippling winter is here, and we need your help. Communities around the world are in need of critical winter support, and children often suffer the most. Last year, your warmth reached children in Albania, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Nepal, Turkey, Yemen, and Pakistan. Masha Allah!

Share your warmth with a child this winter.