Islamic Relief USA works to maintain the highest standards of efficiency, accountability, and transparency. We work tirelessly to make sure donations reach those who need them most, regardless of race, religion, or gender. Below you can browse our reports and independently-verified financial statements, including annual reports, audit reports, and 990 forms filed with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. We’re proud to always share these documents publicly, which is one reason why IRUSA remains a leader among trusted and responsible aid organizations.

To keep you updated on how your donation dollars are working, Islamic Relief USA disseminates news and information throughout the year. Our annual flagship publication, Partnership, showcases vivid photographs and in-depth articles about the most recent humanitarian relief efforts supported by donations to IRUSA. Islamic Relief USA also disseminates a monthly e-newsletter with inspiring content and program updates, including information about upcoming events. To be added to IRUSA’s email distribution list, subscribe or call 1-855-447-1001 to update your mailing information.

Featured Publication: 2019 Partnership

The latest copy of our annual magazine is here, and better than ever!

Inside the 2019 “Be the Change” issue you’ll find inspiring stories of people helped around the world by Islamic Relief USA, like families in Afghanistan, Yemen, Houston, TX, and so many more.

Partnership magazine is the most comprehensive way to get an inside look at how IRUSA has been working together with diverse groups across the globe for the goal of serving in humanity.